Essay about A Parent At The Age Of Twenty

Essay about A Parent At The Age Of Twenty

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I have interviewed my sister in law who became a parent at the age of twenty. She got married when she was seventeen and is married to her husband for about five years now. Right now they have two children 16 months apart and both deliveries happen to be a C-section. She faced many challenges and complications being a young mom and some of challenges she talked about in the interview.
Question #1: What were the challenges faced as you became mom at the young age?
"I think it is always hard to have first baby despite your age, because you are not ready physically and emotionally. I think it happens with anything in life that you face for the first time. Even though some couples go through classes to prepare for the child I do not think you are fully ready mentally, emotionally, and physically to face all the challenges that come with a birth of a child. As you face those challenges as a first time mother, you are nervous because you cannot fully control the situation as everything is new to you. For example, the baby is always crying and you do not know what to do, you try to feed, it didn 't work, or you gave the medicine, and that didn 't work as well. It 's hard to understand what to do at the moment. Also, your schedule becomes a chaos, you don 't sleep enough, you need to do everything for the baby and it drains you."
Questions #2: What challenges did you face when you had your second baby that is only 17 months apart from your firstborn?
"First of all, the challenge was that I had a C-section, and I could not pick up my children. Second of all, while I pay attention to my new born, my oldest child wants my attention as well but I cannot tend to him at the exact moment, so he is crying and it is hard for me because he nee...

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...s to be, and even though parents try to prepare themselves for this stage in life you can never prepare yourself to everything, and the example would be my sister in law having a C-section.
My sister in law faced many challenges that she was not ready for, and I think as people are planning to become parents they need to prepare themselves best they could. Reading books that talk about parenthood, asking other parents, find classes to prepare physically, emotionally, mentally is vital. Even though husband is not the one giving birth, he needs to understand his role in helping, and tending to the needs of his wife at this time of birth and from then on. Also, support system that goes beyond husband is crucial. Mothers need to understand that it is ok to ask for help, and other family members and friends should be ready to help the couple in their journey as parents.

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