Essay on A New Learning Method For Foreign Language Learner

Essay on A New Learning Method For Foreign Language Learner

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A New Learning Method for Foreign Language Learner:
Mobile Assisted Language Learning

Nowadays, the second language has already become an important skill for cultivating international talents. The teaching method of the second language is always changing, since people want to be efficient and quick when they are learning a foreign language. Due to the development of the internet, using mobile devices has become a popular way to study a language. Mobile assisted language learning (MALL) is not only limited to using mobile phones, but it also includes laptops, MP3/MP4 player, digital camera, video recorder, and social media. (Çakir, 240) How does mobile assisted language learning work better than traditional way to learn a second language in the 21th century? Mobile assisted language learning is more efficient, and it promotes students’ motivation, and it breaks the boundaries of traditional teaching method.

There are plenty of evidence shows that mobile assisted language learning is more effective than the traditional teaching method. Several experiments have been conducted to test if mobile assisted language learning really works better for foreign language learners. A project was carried out in 2010 by using iPod Touch technology in learning Chinese as a second language in a bilingual primary school in Hong Kong. Some experts gathered together and developed an application for students to learn Chinese characters. Among all the students, 76.47% felt that their speaking, writing, and reading skills were improved with the iPod touch application. Students responded that the application supporting the self-paced individual study, which is almost not allowed in the traditional teaching method in school. Different student...

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...guage learning work better than traditional way to learn a second language in the 21th century? Mobile assisted language learning is more efficient, and it promotes students’ motivation, and it breaks the boundaries of traditional teaching method. Although it also has disadvantages, such as distracting students from learning, not created by professionals, it still could be effective with the combination of traditional teaching method. Several pieces of research indicate that mobile assisted learning could be much more effective to students than the traditional learning. Human has already stepped into the fast development of technology, and it is inevitable that the people’s language learning style will be different than before. In order to keep up with different learning style, mobile assisted language learning will become the major choice of educator and students.

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