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A Man Who Is Working A Job Essay example

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A man who is working a job I aspire to have is George Schaller. The world is indebted to him for research on gorillas, pandas and various other endangered animals. From humble roots, he received his PhD and went on to travel the globe and save animals in danger of extinction. He is successful in his work due to the variety of studies done for animal conservation, his accomplishments in awareness and the lasting impact he has made in the world. Schaller has spent “nearly two decades” (Panthera) on conservation efforts, written multiple books, and has been honored with a variety of awards for research. Schaller is a mentor to those in conservation because of the years he spent dedicated to animals and the animals he saved.
George Schaller began at the University of Alaska and continued on after his baccalaureate to receive a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin. Similarly to myself, when in college, he wanted to be involved with research. After school, he got involved on his first research trip. In 1956, the Murie Expedition set out on a mission to construct a reserve in the Alaskan wilderness. After, Schaller was hooked on adventure and conservation. We share that in common as well, both longing to travel and see first hand the animals that we help. In addition, this experience provided Schaller with contacts in the field. The next step in his journey to prominence was to use his connections to get employment. Starting with research at Stanford, then John Hopkins and finally Rockefeller University and to a job as research associate (Panthera). With each position, Schaller made contacts, while gaining higher positions on the projects he joined. This progression in the job field is what led to his ultimate success in the cons...

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...ave animals, and Schaller did an exceptional job at helping those animals in need. Not only is George Schaller highly revered in his career for creating safe lands for animals, additionally he is noted for the discovery of animals. With aid from Alan Rabinowitz , another conservationist, they “located a herd of Tibetan red deer” and “rediscovered the Vietnamese warty pig” (Indianapolis Zoo) both of which their species were presumed to be extinct before his investigation. Schaller was a man who never thought that there was nothing he could do. Reaching for the dream that animals can survive and will flourish again one day.He saved the lives of species and still is saving them today. That is the truly remarkable aspect of George Schaller, his ability to accomplish great actions and impact those around him into helping him save the animals that also call this world home.

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