Why Is Steve Jobs An Exemplary Leader

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Steven Paul Jobs, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. was born February 24, 1995, and died of cancer on October 5, 2011. Apple Inc., and considered a niche player for much of its history, is the most valuable company in the world by market capitalization as of this writing. Jobs is widely recognized as a pioneer of microcomputer revolution of the 1970s, along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Jobs made a vast amount of accomplishment in technology which has improved many people’s lives across the nation, he was an exemplary leader, and the utmost CEO ever. Steve Jobs changed several industries in so many ways. According to the article it states, “Steve Jobs was certainly a willful and driven leader,…show more content…
Steve Jobs was an exemplary leader. In the article it states, “Leaders can learn a lot from the late Apple CEO, but not all of it should be emulated.” In the speech it states, “And just last year, with the introduction of the IPad, Apple jumpstarted an entirely new product category that no one thought they could live without.” Both the article and the speech are recognizing Jobs as being an exemplary leader. The article is saying that jobs leadership style should be studied but not imitative. The speech recognizes his product the IPad and says that, with its introduction it started a brand new category that Jobs led. Jobs leadership style was very much complex. Jobs was focus this is part of why his products have become some of the most treasured in history. He picked a necessity, industrialized a product, and spent his energy finalizing the product. He picked technology and made technology his life. His ability to set a goal and stand dedicated was the finest ability in making him…show more content…
Steve Jobs was the utmost CEO of all time. In the speech it states, “……… he’s been called a visionary, a creative genius, a rebel, a non-conformist, an original, the greatest CEO ever, the best innovator of all time.” In the article it states, “He was intensely focused when committed, confident enough to take risky leaps, and charismatic enough to enlist legions of employees and customers in the restless pursuit of his aspirations.” Both texts describe the traits of Steve Jobs which made him the greatest CEO of our age. Steve Jobs was an original genius he had a significant and unique imagination. It’s one thing to envision your own company broadening, but it’s another thing to envision that your company’s services and products will change people lives for the better, the way we communicate and work. Jobs built his company thinking that Apple’s products and services would change the
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