A Magnificent Catastrophe, by Edward J. Larson Essay

A Magnificent Catastrophe, by Edward J. Larson Essay

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In the book “A Magnificent Catastrophe” author, Edward J. Larson examines all aspects of the events that occurred during the First Presidential Campaign in the 1800s. Larson discusses the Presidential Election rivalry battle between Thomas Jefferson of the Republicans and John Adams of the Federalists. In 1776 both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were sent to Philadelphia as delegates to the second continental congress, they joined a five-member committee, which drafted a Declaration of Independence for the United States. They later then voted to adopt and sign the document their committee drafted which was the Declaration of Independence. Adams was more active when promoting independence and argued the longest and the most effective, but it was Jefferson himself who wrote the Declaration of Independence. For a long period of time Adams and Jefferson were under the advice of Hamilton and Franklin where they built a strong friendship while they worked together to form a sovereign nation within the thirteen dependent colonies. In 1797 Adams succeeded as president of the United States after George Washington retired from the seat. Jefferson accompanied Adams and became the vice president of the United States. Shortly after that, beginning of the 1800s’ tension rose between Adams and Jefferson, which soon put an end to their friendship due to all of the animosity that was going on between the two. Adams and the Federalist Party were afraid that Jeffersonian rule would cause politician, social and religious upheaval. Jefferson doubted whether the nation’s democratic institutions could survive another four years under Adams rule. With this happening, United States citizens began to fear that the country was falling apart. Larson’s book...

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...t. This was a good book to read to learn about what was going on during the 1800s Presidential Campaigns. I would rather someone learn about the Presidential Campaigns from reading this book than learning it in a textbook. Textbooks are too straight to the point when it comes to politics and they don’t fully go into detail. For example Larson talked about events leading and during Presidential Campaigns in chronological order and he thoroughly described everything from the animosity to the letters that were written and newspaper articles that were distributed out. Larson wrote this book as if it was movie and that’s what I liked most about this book, therefore I would definitely recommend this book.
Work Cited
Larson, E. J. A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, America's First Presidential Campaign. New York: Simon & Schuster Audio, 2007.

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