Analysis Of Slavery's Constitution By David Waldstreicher

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Slavery’s Constitution by David Waldstreicher Slavery’s Constitution by David Waldstreicher can be identified as a very important piece of political analytical literature as it was the first book to recognize slavery 's place at the heart of the U.S. Constitution. Waldstreicher successfully highlights a number of silences which most of the general public are unaware of, for example, the lack of the word “slavery” in the Constitution of the United States of America. Also, the overwhelming presence and lack of explicit mention of the debate of slavery during the construction of the document. Waldstreicher was able to prove that Constitution was a pro-slavery document. He goes on to argue that the Constitution was written to benefit the Southern states so that they were able to keep slaves to produce goods for local and export use in order to…show more content…
Now, because the constitution was Pro-Slavery it contradicts many fundamental values that drove the revolution. Waldstreicher was successful in relaying his argument into a few short chapters. He also believes that the Slavery’s constitution may have led to the Civil War, a topic that he briefly writes about. He almost acts as though it did not exist mainly because of the implied jargon used in the Constitution. He focuses on the delegates that were sent by each state to the debate and talks about the various compromises that were made. He discusses the compromises that were also made during the debates. He also gives us a sense of the atmosphere of how peaceful the black protesters’ actions were against the document. The book Slavery’s Constitution focuses on the 13 colonies which were the beginnings of the United States. He also states that the reason for certain silences were to keep the peace between the two divisions, which were the Northern and Southern

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