A Girl 's Dream Of Being A Competitive Dancer Essay

A Girl 's Dream Of Being A Competitive Dancer Essay

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There are kids and students, even from a young age, who are told by their parents that they have to play a sport. These parents find it important that their kids be involved in some type of physical activity, and it is. So a little girl thinks taking a dance class would be interesting and that she would be able to please her parents by this choice of sport. But when she comes to tell them what sport she would like to take up, they tell her dance is not a sport. Even after explaining to them that if someone is good enough they can compete, which is just like any other sport, this little girl’s dream of being a competitive dancer is crushed by her parents jaded view of what is considered a sport. The word “sport” is defined in the dictionary as an activity that involves physicality of the body which is held by a single participant or a team who competes against another for the entertainment of others and are also governed under a set of rules (Sport 1). Knowing the background of the term competitive dancer, most would agree that competitive dance is a sport as it falls under the definition of the word. But there are many out there still that have not come to this realization yet. If one were to look up the list of nationally recognized sports in the United States, the term “competitive dance” would not be on it. Yes, there are other forms of dance on this list such as modern and classical dance, but most sources classify competitive dance as an “art form” or just a basic activity like knitting or scrapbooking (Sprtsgy1989, 2). The realization that competitive dance is a sport has not occurred to many people, but with the knowledge of what the word sport means, anyone would be crazy not to believe and recognize competitive dance as ...

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...he meaning of the word sport. For something to be a sport it has to involve training and strength to execute the dances given to you (Sport, 1). Dance does exactly this. To reach that competitive level, a dancer has to train a lot. They also have to be physically fit so they are able to withstand the hours of training and rehearsals that go on in a week. For something to be a sport it has to involve a team aspect and without it the experience of the activity is just not the same. So many dancers love being part of a competitive dance team because of the support of the people on the team and everything that comes along with it (Palermo, 5). Even if it is not on the national list of sports, it qualifies to be. The training involved, the team aspect, and the all around competitive nature are enough proof why competitive dance should be recognized as a national sport.

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