A Fruit Seller Changed the Nations´ Future Essay

A Fruit Seller Changed the Nations´ Future Essay

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A Fruit Seller Changed the Nations’ Future
The poor young man was pulling a fruit trolley in order to sell fruits and fend for his family when police surprised him and prevented him from selling fruit. When he tried to resist, one of the policewomen slapped him on his face in front of about fifty pedestrians. The poor man felt very embarrassed and burst into tears. Later, Mohammad Bouazizi, the fruit seller, decided to set himself on fire out of desperation. Bouazizi put an end to his life, and a beginning to many other people’s lives. The Tunisian fruit seller died eighteen days after this accident without knowing that his action had ignited revolutions in his country and many other Arabic countries. After what happened in Tunisia and many other countries, a new term has been used to refer to the revolutionary wave and civil wars that took place in the Arabic area (The Arab Spring) began in December 18, 2010. A major slogan of the demonstrators in the Arab world has been Ash-sha’b yurid isqat an-nizam “ the people want to bring down the regime”.Although the revolution came to fruition in Tunisia, Libya and some other countries, the conflict still exists in Egypt, Syria and Iraq. This leads to an important question about when it becomes necessary to stage a revolution, and who determines how important it is, and who should be responsible for the decision in case things got out of control. Being a conflict between different opposing sides, and having serious harmful consequences, citizens shouldn’t start a revolution unless there is a necessary demand for change and reform.
According to Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, the author o...

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...and not a nursery of future revolution.”
Revolutions are not always happy endings: in many cases things get out of control, and what started as an attempt to make reforms may turn to be a tragedy. In Syria, for example, the leader refused to listen to the citizens’ demands or leave the throne. Moreover, he used every means to torture the citizens. The helpless citizens are suffering severe conditions while the whole world is watching. In this case, an urgent assistance is required. There should be a universal organization to force the president to leave his position and save the people.
In conclusion, revolution is an important reform tool that should be used only when needed. Making revolutions’ decisions should be taken carefully to avoid any harmful consequences. In addition, when things go wrong, there should be a higher organization to protect people.

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