A Father of the Nation: The sacrifice Abraham Lincoln Essay

A Father of the Nation: The sacrifice Abraham Lincoln Essay

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The sacrifice Abraham Lincoln gave to the country did not just involve his time, but his life as well. Leading up to his death, Lincoln became known as many things, a leader, an orator, and a martyr. There is extensive research into his life on the type of man he was and had to become through the war. He had to change from a lawyer to a man willing to go above and beyond for his homeland. Many argue that he was a God-fearing man, others that he did not have a God to even believe in. The main idea though that stayed constant during the war was his great desire to keep the Union together. Other viewpoints had to grow and progress just as Lincoln had to up until his death.
Lincoln’s call for a strong Union was seen when looking through his works well before the Cooper Union Address which launched him to presidency, and particularly in his “House Divided” speech (Witt). Within this speech it was also found that the argument that Lincoln was an atheist could be quickly dismissed. In his speech, Lincoln used popular Bible quotes and was known to call to his fellow countrymen to keep the nation as one whole. He knew that the nation would not be able to stay strong with the division between those with slaves and those without. Nationalism was seen as an important attribute of Lincoln because he was able to see what was best for the American people, a trait that helped others see him as a potential candidate for presidency.
Shift to March 1860, a war had not even crossed the minds of many, though secession was growing to be an option for the Southern states. The Republican Party was still new, but searching for someone to be their candidate. Abraham Lincoln, a self-taught lawyer, needed one good speech to push him closer to c...

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... seen as a man of true character, even at the end of the war he begged that the Northerners take the broken South into their arms and help them with reconstruction (Anonymous). All due to the fact that he so dearly wished that they could be a stronger American people, growing from their mistakes as many had to before them. Going through his life, never once could it be doubted that Lincoln wished to form a more perfect Union like the men before him had so desired.

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