A Different World - Original Writing Essay

A Different World - Original Writing Essay

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A Different World
I couldn 't imagine coming home from work one day and my spouse saying that they
wanted a divorce. No working on things; no talking it out. The shock of it all flooding me
all at once. That was the sad reality of my friend Billy. One moment he was a happy
family man and the next he was fighting to see his children more than four days a
month. From this interview I have learned you never know what each day will bring, to
never give up, and to always enjoy your life.
You never know what each day can bring, while interviewing Billy I asked
him, “what was your marriage like before your divorce?” He told me, “ it was good, we
had our problems just like anyone else, but for the most part it was a pretty good
marriage.” Never did Billy expect to come home and his wife tell him that she wanted a
divorce and that he needed to move out. At that moment everything changed, the life
Billy had known for the last 8 years of marriage was never going to be the same. There
was never going to be family functions as they knew it, it was no longer us, it was him
and her. Trying to learn...

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