Divorce Essay

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According to the 2014 National Survey of Family Growth conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year, 2, 077, 000 couples in the United States get married. Unfortunately, almost 50% of these marriages end in divorce (Jasmin). What happened to “Till death do us part?” Has marriage lost its value in the society? Why has divorce become prevalent? According to a survey conducted by Daily Infographic, poor communication, finances, abuse, lack of interest to each other, and infidelity are the top five most typical reasons of divorce. In marriage, hurdles such as arguments, contrasting ideas, and other problematic circumstances are as inevitable as taxes. The significant factor though is how a couple (despite their differences) handles those quandaries. Although divorce can be a remedy to undesired relationship, the dissolution of marriage can be distressing and can cause economic adversity to the couple, and can bear a negative impingement to the child.
I believe a couple doesn’t want to see their marriage down the drain; yet, sometimes, they think that divorce is their only outlet. Actually, “divorce may provide relief from the strain of a loveless or abusive relationship” (Divorce, par. 1). When you meet the girl of your life or the man of your dreams, and you fall in love with them, you probably feel like you’re a prince or a princess in a fairytale love story. One of the unfavorable habits of today’s couples is that from the moment they met their significant other, they become obsessed (and possessive, to some extent) with each other. S/he will do anything not to lose his/her lover – even getting married, without knowing what they’re going to get themselves into. When couples are in a hurry to get...

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...o all children with a divorce background. However, I do believe that the upbringing of children will determine their future decisions. Again, the role of the parents is the key to their children’s development.
There is no marriage that is impeccable; but when you fulfill the commitment of spending the rest of your life with someone “for better and for worse,” marriage is the most rewarding manifestation of love in the world. Although, some marriages, despite the promise of “till death do us part” simply just don’t work. For marriages that turned immensely sour, divorce might be the only resort. However, if you don’t want to see your children in the wrong direction, and if you don’t want to suffer despondency, and economic burden, you better think twice before getting a divorce. Don’t quit easily – try to save your marriage, especially if it’s worth fighting for.
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