A Day Of The Attack On New York City Essay

A Day Of The Attack On New York City Essay

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There are many days in America, even the world’s that will be remembered by the generations that are and are to come. The Holocaust, the Great Depression, Martin Luther King’s speech, etc. The one day in America’s history that will always be remembered is the day of the attack on New York City. The day of infamy, September 11th was the day that the world flashed in front of everyone’s eyes. The world as everyone knew it was coming to a tragic end and there was nothing we could do about it, maybe.
The day of September 11th was a very heartbreaking day for America and those who live in it. The day is known as the day that thousands of loved ones lost their lives due to another’s loyalty. It wasn’t fair to the innocent ones who were forced to leave the world on this wretched day. On September 11th, 19 terrorists hijacked four planes killing three thousand people in the act. At 8:45 in the morning, the American Airline Boeing 767, which was loaded with 20 thousand gallons of fuel, crashed into the first tower of the famous Twin Towers. As a result, the crash made a gaping hole on the 60th floor of the 100 story high skyscraper. At this point, the people of New York City had gone into complete shock of the events that just happened, but not aware of the events to come. About 18 minutes later after the first planes crashed, a second plane, known as Flight 175 flew over the scene but almost immediately made a sharp turn straight into the second tower, thus creating a hole in the 60th floor. The other two planes that were hijacked by the terrorists landing in an empty field somewhere in Pennsylvania and The Pentagon. (CNN)
Many of those who know about this attack wonder why this such attack would happen. Why did they attack America? Wh...

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...ething like the attack was going to happen soon, but the government disregarded the attempts of warning from others. (Kaminski) Lastly, the alleged names of those who were the hijackers were released only hours after the attack to public, even though Robert Mueller stated they had no idea of this happening. There are theories that artifacts from the scene were found in certain places to support the government’s story, but all of that evidence was found to be disqualified as evidence because of suspicion of the evidence being planted that way. (Kaminski)
Despite this given evidence that supports that the attack was known by the government, they are all just theories and conspiracies. No one is going to know the full and real truth about the happenings of the September 11th attacks, sadly, but we just face the reality of the situation and just go day by day to survive.

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