A Conflict Perspective On The American Judicial System And Current Rehabilitation Efforts

A Conflict Perspective On The American Judicial System And Current Rehabilitation Efforts

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A Conflict Perspective on the American Judicial System and Current Rehabilitation Efforts

From a sociological perspective societies can be defined as total entities, constructed by their own unique core of social dyads. At a micro level dyads are considered groups of two people that maintain significant relationships through interactions, and to such a degree it can be argued that these interactions exist only as a byproduct of socialization. This idea preludes to self-concepts emerging, as a direct result of individuals eliciting unique presentations of self throughout these interactions, completely malleable and respectively morphed by their surroundings. Subsequently, Goffmans warning, “choose your self-presentations carefully, for what starts out as your mask may become your face,” provides great insight and depth into how societies can favorably avail as social constructions (Goffman, 1959).
Sociologists are convinced that people are not born as unique individuals, but rather they are creations molded through socialization. Respectively, they thus learn the accepted values, beliefs, behaviors, and social skills, which are expected if not demanded of them by their society. This allows self-concept to be illustrated as a dynamic variable that is impressionable by its surrounding social forces, and is therefore subject to change. Such a powerful series of events, deems an equally impressive name, and rightfully so it has been coined Resocialization; “occurring when powerful socializing agents deliberately cause rapid change in people’s values, roles, and self-conception, sometimes against their will” (Brym, Lie, and Brym, p.** 2012). A very persistent total institution, that perpetuates this concept in an arguably negative wa...

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...m does not fail to do is to fabricate a segregated society. The unsettling truth behind this is that as taxpayers our money, “is padding the pockets of publicly traded corporations like Correction Corporation of America and GEO group… in which, combined both companies generated over $2.5 billion in revenue in 2012 and represent more then half of the private prison business” (Godard, p.1, 2016).
America’s current judicial system, is working to benefit the most elite of the bourgeoisie, and without class-consciousness or political action these individuals are protected and their power and wealth will only be perpetuated. All in all, if this system continues to run in such a way it will remain a negative total institution within our society that cultivates a population of convicts socialized into new identities that hinder any promise of upward mobility upon release.

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