A Church in the Slums, A Life Changed Essay example

A Church in the Slums, A Life Changed Essay example

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Certain incidents in a man’s life can change his ways forever. One of these types of instances may be a wedding, a birthday, a first-pitch, or even running in to the right person in the hallway on a given day. For me, one experience that really changed my outlook of life was my mission trip to Costa Rica back when I was in the ninth grade. In fact, this journey taught me quite a bit about what it takes to be a man of God, what a true servant looks like, that patience and humility are a perfect match, and the real joy of giving one’s time and abilities for someone else. It might seem extreme, but sometimes one can grasp multitudes from a situation that takes you to the end of yourself.
A man of God is one who is so in tuned with God’s heart that he hears the call of his master no matter what the circumstances. I remember when preparing to go to Costa Rica, Mr. Chambers had made known to us that “even though we have things like Vacation Bible School and many ministry tools, we may not get to use them at all. Always remember, flexibility is the key to sanity.” Little did I know, that I would use that statement for the rest of my high school career. "When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not. What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn't they matter most now?"(Max Lucado). A loyal man of God has a relationship with Him that is so intimate that he can sense God’s will in his life.
Any act of servant-hood can lead to unexpected blessings on the part of the giver, and general...

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...church in the slums of San Jose, Costa Rica, for its great hospitality and the power that flowed from it. God has shown me that through faithfulness in servant-hood, humility, patience, and giving of my own abilities, that He would not hesitate to be faithful to me by blessing me. “His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'”(Matthew 25:23). I do not know who I would’ve become or what would have happened to me with out this experience in my life, but I do know for a fact that I would not be the person that many people see on a daily basis.

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