A Career as a Nail Technician Essay

A Career as a Nail Technician Essay

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Nail Technician
Many people like to do hands on things, for example a nail technician. When you like to work with people and able to make them feel better about themselves. Many people can walk into your store feeling down, well you as the nail technician can change that if they like the way you did the job and then also like it. At the end you are going to make your customer satisfied and you are going to also feel satisfied knowing that you did your job the best you could. Nail technician need much education to learn about the care of nails.
Education is the key to become better in life, “... must be at least sixteen years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent, such as a general education diploma, or G.E.D.” (“education”). Another article said must be at least 16 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent.(this means that education is a big thing that you need in life, you made know thing but you can always learn more. your never to old to learn, also age matters). No ones wants a 13 year old girl doing nails she may be playing around and not doing the job right.
License is required to perform this type of job, “you will get this type of license by passing written and practice test”(education”). A nail technician need to know what the customer wants to perform what they want.
outlook is important for the future , “future job opportunities for new nail technician will be good in the future” (outlook).
Many places have a age requirement “you must be seventeen year old before they can be licensed(licensed)” A certain age is required to become a nail technician. Almost every website saids that a woman needs to be seventeen years old(age matters).
Also a nail technician may need hours to complete th...

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...Where your business if located is a big part of your business. If you are located in a big city most likely you will get a lot of customers. If you are in a small city your salon will run slow. Having customers that like the type of job you do is a big thing. People that like the job you do will come back and get it done again.
A nail technician was many duty’s and one on the primary or (“a primary duty is to soften nails and cuticles, cut or push back excess cuticles skin and apply polish to the prepared nail surfaces”). Doing this three things is the first steps of a manicure r pedicure. You need to do all this three things all the time with a customer while working with there hands or feet.
Any job was it’s pros and cons one of the cons of been a nail technician is (“you will be working long hours leaning over a table, you will have pain on and off duty”).

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