Essay on A Brief Note On The World Of Personal Technology

Essay on A Brief Note On The World Of Personal Technology

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In the world of personal technology, their has always been such a huge gap between the two types of Personal Computers. Those two types are the Desktop and the Laptop. Arguments going to one side or the other. This is mostly for the people that don"t seem to grasp the very idea of the two sided discussion. These two machines are very different in few categories. These categories are their make/how are they made, pricing, portability, power and repairing. These are the most topics spoken of when it comes to this discussion.

The first topic is their make. Lets start with the desktop. Desktops are made by yourself. They come from cases and parts bought from local retailers or online retailers. These parts bought are made to work excellent and look great in your power. For laptops, All are made straight out of the box. If you are picky about what parts you want. You will have to shop for a couple hours to find the perfect mix for parts you really need. If you don 't know how to build a computer or have no importance for parts. Then a laptop is for you. If you are very intricate with y...

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