A Brief Note On The United States And Foreign Aid Essay

A Brief Note On The United States And Foreign Aid Essay

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Bangladesh has been working to improve its country because it is one of the poorest ones in the world (Islam, 1992). It is one the world’s most densely populated countries with 161 million people. Forty-three percent of the people there still live there and it till has one of the highest prevalence of child malnutrition in the world at 41% (Bangladesh, n.d.)). Foreign aid has been given to the country to try and help get them out of poverty. From the period of 1971 to 2012, Bangladesh received about $56.5 billion in foreign aid (Hossain, 2014). The annual flow ranges from $1.0 billion to $1.5 billion (Quibria, 2010). The United States contributes about 6.29% of the foreign assistance to Bangladesh as bilateral donors (Hossain, 2014).
Importing grain started to steadily increase in Bangladesh back in 1950 (Clay, 1978). Prior to independence, a lot of the imported aid went to what was considered the priority group that was composed of groups such as the military and urban industrial employees. After gaining their independence, Bangladesh started importing a lot more grain. In the years of 1977- 1978, Bangladesh imported 1.67 million tons of food grain as aid (Clay, 1978). The grain started to go to more people that were eligible for aid and not just priority groups.
One organization in the United States that is providing aid to Bangladesh is Feed the Future which is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative. Two goals that Feed the Future has is to reduce poverty in target regions they work in by 20% and to reducing the prevalence of child stunting under the age of five by 20%. Feed the Future is working on increasing rice production, horticulture, and fish production in the country to bring in...

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...uch debt for gaining their independence from Pakistan. Pakistan was unjust to Bangladesh and when the country gained their independence they were left with an economic disaster.
I also have the concern that a lot of the aid that I have read about concerned about improving the agriculture. This is great, but at the same time all the successful countries we know about are just based on agriculture. They have industrialization as well. Bangladesh is producing a lot more food, but they are also exporting more food. With how many people there are, they aren’t all going to be able to farm. They need to come up with jobs that the people can do to make money and those type of jobs are industrialized. Sixty-six percent of the people in Bangladesh live in the rural area (Feed the Future). Jobs need to be created for those people so they are able to afford food to eat.

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