A Brief Note On The Global Warming Hoax Essay

A Brief Note On The Global Warming Hoax Essay

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The Global Warming Hoax
A simple concept of it requiring a village to raise a child was recently expanded to relate to the communal world required to maintain the same set of standards and practices when it comes to managing the effects of greenhouse gases. Nature is one of the most beautiful creations but nearly the most difficult to change. In 1896, a Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius “first introduced the idea of how the atmosphere of a planet traps radiation emitted by the sun, caused by gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapors, and methane, that allow incoming sunlight to pass through but retain heat radiated back from the planet’s surface” (Farlex, 2015). This description is more commonly referred to as the greenhouse effect, which later yields to the understanding of global warming. This same explanation is better understood in relation to the heat stored inside of an automobile with all windows rolled up left in direct sunlight.
One might ask how is man contributing to this phenomenon? Can the seven billion people on planet Earth physically change the course of nature? And if so, is this preventable? Some scientists agree with this question. “Meeting the challenge to prevention of accelerated rate of global warming will call for a concerted national and international effort to dramatically reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, it will involve a work of a Global Village” (Ludang, 2010, p. 197). But what negative effect does global warming have on a planet? The same scientists believe it alters weather patterns causing more frequent and extreme weather events. With these extreme events, such as harsher droughts, more severe flooding, stronger hurricanes, and colder blizzards, the effect ...

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...ic eruption between fifty to sixty times per year, worldwide. The amount of carbon dioxide released through eruption of just one is on average about fifty tons of sulfur dioxide per day
The bottom line is sea levels are not rising at the rate in which previously expected. The polar ice cap are not disappearing neither are cities or beaches. While some years yield record high temperatures, others support slight decline. The loss of landmass is more closely attributed to coastal erosion rather than the effects of global warming. What is causing the Earth’s temperatures to increase, and are they even actually increasing? Does the Earth stay on its exact axis each year? Or is there a slight shift closer or further away from the sun, which in turn causes the slight change in temperature, either plus or minus the normal? Are there variations in the heat of the sun?

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