Order Vs. Chaos In Station Eleven By Emily St. John Mandel

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Order vs. Chaos Emily St. John Mandel is the author of Station Eleven, a novel about a plague that destroys over ninety-nine percent of the human race and how their lives have changed afterwards. This morbid topic is approached in an interesting way as Mandel focuses on how culture and art can survive in such horror. Author Roy Scranton writes about how humans have succeeded in destroying our own lives by ignoring the warnings of global warming in his work, “Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene.” While it may seem like human survival after a traumatic event may be anarchy, yet after chaos there can be order, humans come together in light of horrible events and even in the worst disaster culture will survive. Therefore, humanity is not in as much trouble as it can be assumed in case of disaster.
Humans will always try to bring order out of chaos despite what the tragedy may be. Since the beginning of time, human beings have been creating civilizations, as that is simply what they do. This is evident in Station Eleven as the people who survive after the Georgian Flu attempt to create new lives with what is left in their world. The situation of Station Eleven is desolate, but
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Scranton believes that human beings are killing present life by ignoring the effects of global warming on the world. He continues to warn the reader that change is coming regardless of what people do now and that they human race must prepare for what is inevitably coming, as it will be the collapse of global civilization as it is known. Scranton states that this time we are living in, the anthropocene, presents humans with multiple challenges but mostly, “what it means to be human” (page 234). How to control the inevitable
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