A Brief Note On Street Checks And The Police Security

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Field information reports more commonly known as “street checks” or “carding” is an investigative tactic used by police officers all around the world but more commonly in Ontario. This tactic occurs when a police officer will make a stop on an individual walking or standing on the street who appears to be engaging in suspicious activity. The officer would then engage in a conversation with that individual and ask the individual for their identification, the officer would then record it and submit it into a police database (MacLellan, 2015). Then the officer will provide the individual with a receipt or card with the officer’s information (MacLellan, 2015). This practice was not received well by the public and created a major strain between the public and the police. Community activists and some local politicians have called for the practice of carding to end however various police services and their police chiefs feels that completely banning carding is not the answer to problems the community has with carding (Cole, 2015). Despite the disapproval by the public, carding is beneficial for police services in Ontario to be able to use the carding practice however it must be regulated by the province to ensure it is done correctly without any racial or prejudice biases because carding can be considered a form of proactive policing which is something all police officers must do to ensure good police work, it’s not just used to collect data and information of individuals but it also allows officers to interact with the members of the community and find out what are the issues in the community, and the sole purpose of carding is for the police to use the information obtained as a useful investigative resource and to collect intelli... ... middle of paper ... ...r but instead create a set of regulations and policies that ensures officers have a reasonable suspicion to and card that individual rather than making the stop based off of any racial prejudice or any bias and they must let their subject know that they are not obligated to take part in the carding process. In order to that happens the public and the police needs to do their part to make it happen, the police needs to do their part by the senior command and professional standards unit constantly monitoring all of the frontline officers interaction with the public and ensuring they are adhering the regulation for carding and the public needs to do their part by knowing their rights when interacting with the police filing any report of misconduct linked to carding to the police service’s professional standard unit or a civilian oversight organization like the OIRPD.

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