A Brief Biography on Thomas Jefferson Essay

A Brief Biography on Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Synthesis Essay - Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson
The Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy defines a leader as “…someone who influences others to achieve a goal.” (CF02, FRLD, p. 9, 2012) Thomas Jefferson was a visionary and ethical leader that fought for and ensured that a group of colonies in a new land achieved the ultimate goal of creating the United States of America. While he was the third President of our nation, one could argue that his most influential work came years before his Presidency. Jefferson’s visionary and transformational leadership was crucial to inciting the Colonists and his passion was evident in the words he used to declare our independence from British tyranny. His ethical character was also prominently displayed when, while serving as Vice President, he went behind President Adam’s back to author the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions to save our young Constitution. His visionary and ethical leadership have greatly influenced my character and I often use his example when dealing with difficult situations. Thomas Jefferson envisioned the great potential a government could have when led by ordinary people and he risked everything to ensure that our nation remained true to the Founding Fathers’ vision of the United States. It all began when he decided he could no longer stand by in the face of tyranny.
Visionary Leader
The Declaration of Independence was written in a time of great frustration in the Colonies. King George III had taken over when the thought of revolution was just starting to gain popularity amongst Colonists. The King did little in the way of individual consideration for the Colonists and neglecting their needs and wants opened a door for Jefferson to incite a re...

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...f it.” (Sharp, 1993) Truer words have never been spoken. As Senior Noncommissioned Officers in the United States Air Force, we need to follow suit and act in the same manner.

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