A Background Study of Peter’s First Epistle and the Preparation of Five Texts for Expository Sermons

A Background Study of Peter’s First Epistle and the Preparation of Five Texts for Expository Sermons

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True Grace of God
A Background Study of Peter’s First Epistle and the Preparation of Five Texts for Expository Sermons

Peter was an apostle of Jesus Christ; he was brought to Jesus by his brother Andrew and became one of Jesus’ first disciples1. He became a prominent member of the 12 disciples, being with James and John a member of the innermost circle around Jesus. He served at times as a spokesman for the group2 and he was with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration3.
The first Epistle of Peter most commonly known as First Peter. Authorship of this book has traditionally been attributed to the Apostle Peter simply because it bears his name and identifies him as the author 4. Although the text does indicate that Peter wrote the epistle due to the language, dating, style and structure some scholars have challenged the Apostle Peter’s authorship. Many scholars are convinced that Peter was no the author because he had no formal education in philosophy nor an advanced knowledge of the Greek language. Scholar Graham Stanton rejects Peterine authorship because he says that 1 Peter was most likely written during the reign of Domitian in AD 81, which is when he believes widespread Christian persecution began, which is long after the death of Peter5. This theory has been abandoned as of late because the described persecution within the work does not necessitate a time period outside of the period of Peter.
There are also theories that support Peterine authorship one theory is “ secretarial hypothesis”, which suggests that 1 Peter was dictated by Peter and was written in Greek by his secretary , Silvanus (5:12)6.
1. John 1:40-42
2. Matthew 16:15-16
3. Matthew 17:1,2

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...Stay self-controlled and alert.
Main point: Stand fast in God’s grace

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