A Alternative Therapies ( Cams ) Essay

A Alternative Therapies ( Cams ) Essay

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Of the Complimentary Alternative Therapies (CAMs) available in the U.S. acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation are the most widely accepted (Barnes, Bloom & Nahin, 2007); both having been scientifically validated for the treatment of chronic pain (Bronfort, Haas, Evans, Leininger & Triano, 2010; Vickers, Cronin, Maschino, Lewith, MacPherson, Foster, Sherman, Witt & Linde, 2012). As the medical model tends to reduce chiropractic and traditional Chinese medicine to single therapies: spinal manipulation and acupuncture, respectively, these CAM therapies are viewed as relatively compatible with modern allopathy and therefore, have the potential to integrate well with the medical model. This has not been the case with naturopathic medicine. Elder (2013) discusses the challenges associated with integration of naturopathy with allopathic medicine and puts forth some potential solutions.
Critical Reflection
This article is conveys the need to determine how naturopathic care might better integrate with the medical model. Integrated medicine has been defined as “bringing conventional and complementary approaches together in a coordinated way” (Short, 2016). When considering the fundamental differences in the philosophies underpinning allopathic and naturopathic medicine, it is likely no surprise that integration of the two has proven challenging. However, it seems incumbent on medical and naturopathic physicians to find ways of working together in a more synergistic way, perhaps with a mutual goal of improving wellness in the U.S. Indeed, there is certainly room for improvement in the realm healthcare, especially when one considers reports that the U.S. ranked among the worst in overall medical care within a cohort of the seven wealthy...

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...onic pain might find relief. Although “some therapies used in naturopathy might have the potential to be harmful if not used under the direction of a well-trained practitioner” (Short, 2016), herbal therapies may still pose less risk of addiction than the prolonged use of narcotic prescription medications.
While, at first glance, the philosophical approaches of allopathic and naturopathic medicine may seem highly disparate, finding areas of common ground between the two may help to facilitate integration. Perhaps this common ground can be facilitated through ongoing dialog between the medical and naturopathic communities, at CME events, as is proposed in the article. Alternately, pressure from health care consumers, who seem to be growing increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo, may be the best way of finally integrating allopathic medicine and naturopathy.

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