Essay on Zoonotic Diseases and Risk Factors

Essay on Zoonotic Diseases and Risk Factors

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The purpose of this paper is to focus on a subject within my educational field that I can research and inform the public about. I plan to become a veterinarian .which would require my daily contact with humans and animals. Zoonotic diseases are risk factors that I have to be aware of in order to protect myself as well as my patients and their owners. Luckily developments in medicine have made it possible to cure zoonotic diseases and even prevent them from ever being contracted.
There are thing that make people more susceptible to contracting zoonotic diseases. Either it’s knowingly or unknowingly, humans are prone to the dangers of being direct targets of zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases are transmittable in various ways weather through ingestion or direct contact. There are countless numbers of zoonotic diseases some more commonly known than others but all equally important. Preventing the contraction or spread of zoonotic diseases is easily manageable with medication and vaccines along with following small tips that not only protect humans but the animal population as well.
Zoonosis is a Greek word. ("Zoonosis.", 12 May 2010. Web.) Zoonosis directly translates as animal disease. Zoon means animal. Noson means disease. ("Zoonosis.", 12 May 2010. Web.) Zoonotic diseases are diseases or infections that are transmitted from (vertebrate) animals and to humans. Zoonotic diseases are often compared to epidemics but epidemics an infectious disease in a community during a particular time. The life span of disease depends on its ability to survive in a human population for long periods of time. The life span can be further extended if the disease causing agent c...

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...e possibilities of becoming infected with a zoonotic disease. Also it is important to make sure you clean fresh fruits and vegetables completely. . Also when storing food make sure the item is completely covered to avoid cross contamination especially when storing food in the refrigerator. Protect your pets with proper medical treatment.
The primary cause of Zoonotic Diseases is the result of an infectious agent. In conclusion zoonotic diseases are a growing concern in the United States that can be controlled or even prevented through simple precautionary methods and medications. Understanding that zoonotic diseases can enter a person's body through a number of ways including broken skin, eyes, mouth and lungs and even animal bites can aid you in knowing how to prevent contaminations.

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