Essay on Zoology Biology Quiz: Arthropods and Worms

Essay on Zoology Biology Quiz: Arthropods and Worms

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I learned that the phylum Annelids can consist of many creatures such as earthworms, leeches, and scale worms can adapt to a variety of environments. Annelids’ bodies are divided into segments which are seen as rings by the naked eye. They have muscles which help them move by contracting their longitudinal and circular muscles. When Annelids take in food, the food particles travel through one end of the body and are excreted out the other side. The video enhanced my understanding about Annelids because without seeing different species and what classified them as Annelids I would have never known an earthworm or a leech fell into that phylum.
Test questions:
1) What are the muscles that Annelids use to move?
a. Longitudinal and circular muscles
b. Pectorals and obliques
c. Latitudinal and longitudinal muscles
d. None of the above
Answer: A, Longitudinal and circular muscles
2) Which of the following is an evolutionary improvement in annelids
a. Coelom
b. Segmentation
c. Deuterstome development
d. Protostome development
Answer: B, Segmentation

In the phylum Mollusca, there are many organisms that have body parts that change as the environment around them change; such as the octopus. An octopus can camouflage to variety of objects in its environment. Each organism in the Mollusca phylum has a type of foot that stows mobility and they eat by a radula. The radula is strap like tongue that has very sharp teeth and they can change to be different shapes or sizes based on their prey. They have a pseudo coelomate body plan, meaning that they have a coelom that exists, but it is lined by mesoderm only on the body wall, not around the gut. This video enhanced my understanding standing of the phylum Mollu...

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...nted muscles. The quadrupling of genes led to bigger animals such as elephants. The largest member of the chordate phylum that ever walked on Earth was dinosaurs. The closest animal relative to humans is great apes. Great apes can think, feel, nurture own kind, pass on social skills, mimic, and remember just like humans do. Human intelligence is greater than anything on Earth! This video enhanced my understanding on Chordates because it explains how some chordates are or are not vertebras and it showed how land animals evolved from fish. I always like to see different videos on how species originated, especially humans.
Test Questions:
1) Which structure is present in a chordate?
a. Notochord
b. Spinal cord
c. Brain
Answer: A, notochord.
2) Which of the following are not found in the phylum chordate?
a. Lizards
b. Apes
c. Birds
d. Scorpions
Answer: D, Scorpions

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