Octopus Research Paper

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Have you ever wanted to slap eight people at once? Or if you're more of a mushy, touchy, feely person, have you ever wanted to hug eight people at once? An octopus can do either or both of these if they want to! So you know an octopus is lucky being able to do this but what's an octopuses habitat? Since they can slap eight things at once do they have predators? Or since we're on the facty facts subject where do they live? First of all, an octopus is a cellapod. Which means it has a soft body, and no bones. An octopus also has eight arms, large useful eyes, and suction cups. ( Octopuses and Squid, page 6 by: Tori Miller.) All of these traits are mostly used for hunting. Eight arms come in handy when your prey is fast and can get away easily, large eyes are useful when you need to see in the dark or the depths of the ocean, and suction cups are used when they need to grab hold of something.( Octopuses Squid, page 14.) ( National Geographic, Octopus Facts.) Octopuses have blue blood caused by copper and bag like bodies. When born they're 1/4 of an inch and don't rely on...

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