Youth Behaviors and The Jazz Age Essays

Youth Behaviors and The Jazz Age Essays

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In the 1920s the youth made a break from the traditional way of life. This caused much misunderstanding from the old who didn’t like nor wanted to understand the new behaviors of the youth of the day. The decade didn’t just give birth to an age of jazz and rebellious behavior but an age of expression of one’s self, a time of fun and testing one’s human limits. Even though the 1920s were about more than just jazz, Jazz played a big part in the decade.
Louis Armstrong was more than just a trumpet player; he was the father of scat singing which is using syllables instead of words. "Louis Armstrong." This is what Ella Fitzgerald exceled in is the one that really helped her in her career working with Chick Webb? (Gaff) Louis Armstrong was always an entertainer; He claimed he use to dance on the streets of New Orleans for pennies that he hid in his mouth. That story was how he got the name Satchmo which is short for satchel mouth. Armstrong was a man who was privileged with the white side of being famous.
Most African entertainers didn’t have the privilege that Armstrong had. He was in class all of his own, as the public looked at him more as a white entertainer than an African. He tried to stay politically neutral to segregation and other political problems of the time. Many people think that’s what gave him so much access to the white world. Unlike Armstrong, many African entertainers had to stand in the back while preforming, but Armstrong insisted on standing in the front. Armstrong was renowned for his unique singing voice; his voice was a mix of deep and gravely tones.
Mr. Armstrong used to have a tendency to forget people’s names so he called them pops and was later dubbed the name pops in a biography about his life by...

... middle of paper ... is today.
Changes in the women’s view point of the 20s were less looked down upon as they were for men. Along with drinking, parties, and premarital sex, the change in popularity of music to jazz became just as hated by the elderly. "Culture in the 1920s: Loosening Social Structure." The rebellious behavior of the decade gave birth and made the building blocks of society we have today, without the change in youth of the 20s traditional view of life, who knows what kind of society we would have today. We may be looking at a world with women that wore skirts past their knees. Along with that, we may be living in a society where premarital sex in still frowned upon. Where what we say is limited to using words without slang or not having the same music we have today. Those brave youth who broke the traditional view of life made our great society what it is today.

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