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Al-Qaeda on the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) and the strong re-emergence of their presence in the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) area of responsibility provoke not only strategic concern but re-emphasizes the importance of Global War on Terrorism mission sets. AQAP establishes training camps, strong recruiting, and bases of operations to continue jihad against the Western world emanate from Yemen. CJTF-HOA will need to be mindful of Western policy, which focuses on degrading AQAP’s leadership. Saudi Arabia’s longtime influence may help with the stability mission but to defeat the AQAP is on their relationships with tribes in Yemen may prove successful if Saudi Arabia is willing to support such a mission. CJTF-HOA’s mission to bring stability to the Horn of Africa (HOA) will transform from a long-term stability mission to securing a strategic battle area in the Gulf of Aden to the mouth of Red Sea and across Yemen.
Yemen Foundation of AQAP
People did not know the significance Yemen has played as a breeding ground for terrorist organizations and launching these cells to cause destruction, not only in Yemen but also throughout the HOA. In October 2000, Yemen’s identity broadcasted into the media as the USS Cole sat in the Yemeni port. United States (US) Marines guarded the ship with unloaded weapons, as the Cole sat in port, terrorists launched their attack igniting a vehicle based improvised explosive device into the hull of the USS Cole killing 17 navy personnel. The planned attack on a US flagged ship showed the “martyrdom” belief of the terrorist mind. Extremist Islamic and jihadist ideology influenced the attack on the USS Cole. The US citizens felt traumatized by the brazen attack on the Cole and remin...

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...di Arabia, and the adjacent Gulf Nations.

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