Yema de Moringa: Filipino Sweet Essay

Yema de Moringa: Filipino Sweet Essay

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Background of the Study
The province of Bulacan was believed to be the place where Yema have originated. This confectionery is well recognized for divergent Filipino sweets; there are also a number of accounts that spoken that it was invented throughout the Spanish era where egg yolks are thrown away after using the egg whites in constructing buildings. All through those times egg whites are mixed with cement to furnish it a marble resembling finish when it dries up. Since the egg yolks are thrown away a nifty Filipino saved the yolks and mixed it with sugar, peanuts and milk which is what we call Yema now.
Proliferation of the manufacturing business in Davao City provoked the proponents of the study to pour on sustaining amount of capital paving its way to establish a manufacturing business most particularly nutritional candy in Davao City.
The current location chosen by the proponents according to the topography of the current situation in Davao City shows great potential to all investors to finance taking into consideration the possible income that the business will provide to all individuals that will be hired for the production and distribution of the said product.
Nutritional candy products are existing products of the city, however with minimal number of manufacturers, some of the products that were sold within the city are made from different neighboring places others are from distant places as far as other countries. Taking into consideration the freight and all other distribution and handling expenses cost a lot which will in turn be added into the suggested retail price. Assessing all the circumstances we can really say that making our own nutritional candy is a great advantage whether in capital, raw mat...

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...e for cream and sugar in coffee drinks.
Butter. A soft yellowish or whitish mixture of butterfat, water, air, and occasionally salt, whipped from milk or cream and administered for use in cooking and as a food. For its rich, velvety mouth feel and its magnificent flavor, which no other product can come near to matching, butter is by far the favored fat to use for closely every preparation in the culinary arts. That includes the whole thing from sauce creation to baking.
The researcher’s way in gathering data is through conducting survey from its (80) eighty samples as well as by interviewing the procedures and manufacturers of candy industry in Davao City. The gathered information will serve as our guidelines throughout the study.
Scope and Limitation of the Study
This feasibility study is focused only on candy products in the market of Davao City.

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