Essay on The Writings Of Karl Marx And Frederick Engels, And Henry David Thoreau

Essay on The Writings Of Karl Marx And Frederick Engels, And Henry David Thoreau

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During the 1840s and 1850s when many changes were occurring in the United States of America, the publications of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, and Henry David Thoreau came to light. These publications were seen as prescriptions for the improvement of society in America and the world. Marx (1818–1883) and Engels (1820–1895) published the document The Manifesto of the Communist Party in 1848. According to Leon Trotsky, a Russian revolutionary, the young authors, Marx 29, Engels 27 at the time, were able to look further into the future than anyone before them, and perhaps anyone since them (Marx 123). The publication was written with Marx’s desire to help the oppressed and promote social justice. Similarly was the publication of Thoreau in Walden and Civil Disobedience. Thoreau wrote the observance of nature during the years he spent in a house he built on his own. He was known for his preference for simplicity and his revolt against the demands of society and government in the world. In the nineteenth century economic expansion met by immigration fueled a demand for more industrial labor in America. With the expansion to the western territories within the country and the spread of industrial towns emerged the need for large concentrations of workers; as the market revolution spread, the viewpoints of many, in this case of Marx and Thoreau, were considered and somewhat incorporated into a worldwide perception.
At the time of the spread of economic transformation, otherwise known as the market revolution, in the United States, Americans moved across the Appalachian Mountains, west. Meanwhile market society in the North led to commercialization of northwest farming and growth of cities and towns. This growth allowed for t...

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...erialistic possessions but that of the soul.
In conclusion, both publications addressed similar topics. The topic of a working person who provides large amounts of labor in order to receive some capital. They refer to men as a machine of the market of industries and factories. Even though Thoreau’s solution is the same throughout the entire publication unlike Marx’s, his solution is more of an individual wanting or willingness to do it rather than just being a solution to the problem. In the presence of both publications, that of Marx and Engels, The Manifesto of the Communist Party and that of Thoreau, Walden, the purpose is to present the problem and propose a solution. The expansion to the west of the Appalachian Mountains opened up a path that lead to the spread of market revolution and the need for laborers in which both authors present a solution.

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