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The question, “ What makes a good society” is never the same for every individual that comes across trying to answer this sociological question. What may work in one society, may not work in another. But I am guessing you already new that. Depending on the type of culture, location and era; a good society can be anything. If you were to have been raised in the western side of the world, your good society is one of a democracy. Where the people have power and we have checks and balances in our government. But what if you were raised in the east, were people live in a socialist-communistic society. Where the government has the power and people are treated equally. Who is to say which type of society is “good”? Depending on which sociological…show more content…
Marx thought of a society that would create equality and bring power to the people. He didn 't expect society to be totally equal but a society with distributed justice. According to Marx, a good society is when there is no exploitation. To get rid of exploitation, we have to get rid of surplus values and make everyone equal. But Marx also knows that no good society can exist as long as exploitation is allowed. That is why some societies will want a Marx type of living and some will not. A society that has used and embodied the Marxist tradition is Russia. They have used Marx ideas and lived by the communist manifesto. This way of life worked for many years and to the people of Russia, it made a good society. But to people outside of Russia, people who lived in a democratic state or country, they looked at it as a failed society. A type of society that should not be allowed to exist in the world of democracy. But like Marx said, some societies will be able to live in a Marxist environment and some won’t. Marx also states, “ In a communist society, the working class will be more important than the capital class”(M 10-25-2016). By having everyone equal, this allows for class conflict to be no more and exploitation not exist. Marx knows there can be no good society but a Marxist society will do its best to form a ideal…show more content…
Weber wanted to study the meaning of social action. He wanted to understand what is going on in our inner life and try to understand how do we make our life meaningful. Weber describes a society is good when free will is allowed. The term normative self determination is used many times when talking about an individual free will. Normative self-determination is having our own morals and standards that we set for ourselves to regulate our actions. According to Weber, we can make a society good if we allow free will and normative self-determination to take place in the lives of each individual in that society. In a democratic society, one is allowed to express their free will in every day activities. Rather it is choosing to go to class or who to vote for to be president of our country. We have laws that are in place to keep not only an individual safe, but also our country safe. There is a balance in the German tradition that supports an individuals self-regulations and also promotes free will to have influence over

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