Essay about Writing Skills Needed For Law School

Essay about Writing Skills Needed For Law School

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Legal writing became an important skill that I’ve learned to develop in the last couple of months. Wanting to become a lawyer and having no idea about the skills an aspiring lawyer must acquire was setting me up for failure. Luckily, through UWP I’ve acquire skills such as; reading court cases, drafting case briefs, and creating appellate briefs. However, 10 weeks is not enough time to gather all the writing skills needed for law school. As a result, I have identified my strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve my legal writing skills.
The standard approach of writing that’s employed by most fields of academia is composed by; an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, all put together in an essay that must meet a minimum number of pages. In contrast, legal writing has three approaches towards writing and brevity is encouraged. Brevity is practiced in legal writing because adding unnecessary words can alter the analysis, meaning, and or outcome of the case. As a result, when doing legal writing, the author must signal the reader the different components of the case with bold lettering. Despite this, the author must invisibly convey the usage of CRAC (conclusion, rules, application, and restate the conclusion) and CRREAC (conclusion, rules, rule explanation, application, and conclusion) when it comes to writing office memorandums and appellate briefs, respectively.
In office memorandums, CRAC must be included invisibly in the discussion section so the reader can have a better understanding of; the analysis and argument, evaluate the analysis or argument as they read it, and to see the support for the conclusion. For appellate briefs, CRREAC must be included in the discussion section so the reader can have a bet...

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..., after spending hours on a brief, one begins to believe everything we write makes sense. However, our audience might think otherwise. This is where my partners noticed this issue and I was able to fix it.
Overall, my experience in UWP has me a better critical legal reader because I’ve learned how to break down cases, definitions and change the scopes of the scenarios that were presented. Additionally, learning how to format my writing in a way that’s required in the legal field, learning how to cite cases, and understanding that brevity will help me in the future. The only thing that’s left for me to do is to continue reading legal cases, continue doing research, and continue briefing cases so I won’t lose the skills that I have learned so far. Because of this class, I can assure that I would like to attend law school and I know that I’ve been prepared well.

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