Writing Skills Improvement Essay example

Writing Skills Improvement Essay example

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This semester I have spent in writing 107 has greatly changed my thoughts about writing. All throughout high school and even coming into this class I thought that writing was an easy subject that required very little effort. Suffice to say, I thought that I would get a good grade in this class despite putting in little time and dedication. I learned after the first two papers that writing is a hard subject that requires lots of planning and work. Before this class, I would never have thought that I would go to the writing center in CTLE or have friends proofread my paper telling me their thoughts. I made multiple drafts of my paper in hopes of better getting my point across, but each paper had errors in them. Prior to this class, I would complain and struggle with writing 2- 3 page papers, but now have no issues writing papers 4-5 pages long. While I don't particularly enjoy writing papers, I don't hate them either.
The papers I enjoyed the most were the analytic paper and the persuasion paper. Both of these papers required us to do sufficient amounts of research and then incorpora...

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