World's Culture: Nigerian Tribes Essay

World's Culture: Nigerian Tribes Essay

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Case synopsis
In order to analyze world’s culturres, the study will focus on five features of culture. These are the rituals, artifacts, beliefs, values, norms and language. The question here will, how do the Nollywood movies represent the culture within these five features? The study will also try to find out whether religious overtones, namely Christianity versus traditional African religion featured in Nigerian videofilms reflect contemporary Nigerian culture. Lastly, the study will unfold the ways in which the post-colonial, colonial, and pre-colonial eras reflect and resonate in Nigerian movies (Jenkins & Green, 2012).
Nigerian tribes
There are many tribes in Nigeria. Of these many tribes, Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa constitute the major tribes. Each tribe in Nigeria is characterized by its own culture and knowledge. In terms video films production, all the three tribes are involved, but in different degrees. Of these tribes, Igbo tribe dominates the industry. Because of this, the dominant culture portrayed in these movies is Igbo. This does not mean that the culture does not auger well with other African cultures. In fact, Igbo culture bears several similarities with all ethnic cultures and traditions, not only in Nigeria but also across Africa as a whole. This explains the reason behind the Nigerian explosion. It is argued that any black African have the capacity of understanding, interpreting and enjoying Nigerian movies due to the similarities existing between black African cultures and Nigerian culture. As far as culture is concerned, many things are common among Black Africans. This is because most of the regulation of individual’s life comes from the influence of an extended family (Onuzulike, 2007).
In terms o...

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...ovies reflect many areas that affect most of the cultures of Africans. It gives identity to many black Africans through the language used, the norms, and values adopted. They also give a clear reflection of the pre-colonial, post-colonial, and colonial eras in Africa. These qualities make the movies appealing, hence Nigerian movie explosion.

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