The World Of The Children Who Needs Help With Their Education Essay

The World Of The Children Who Needs Help With Their Education Essay

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For my big project, I want to change the world of the children who need help with their education. To do this, I joined with two others from the class, and we came up with idea of making a gift basket. To go even further, we are going to be spending one of our afternoons volunteering at a place called Orchard Place.
In the year of 1886, an event changed the future forever. A little baby was dropped off and left at a doorstep. The building then became the first orphanage of Des Moines and was called Des Moines Children’s Home. This home was built for children without family or friends. Children who had no one to take care of them. Over the years, the orphanage changed and is now known as Orchard Place.
Today, what once was known as an orphanage, is known as a place that helps children. Orchard Place is a place where children can go to receive help with homework. The organization also helps with children struggling emotional. Orchard Place has four different service branches which deal with the mentally challenged, people struggling with substance abuse, children with education and juvenile needs, along with adolescents and young adults who are needing help with education and other needs.
As a group, we are focusing on the branch that deals with the children who are struggling with education and daily needs of the children. To do this, we thought about the different ways we can help them receive a better education. We want to change their lives for the better, instead of the worse. To do so, we created two baskets for Orchard Place. Both baskets contain school supplies such as crayons, markers, construction paper, and glue.
We really wanted to focus on school supplies because of how many children go to Orchard Place to receive hel...

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... the help from organizations such as the Orchard Place.
The help I need to do my research will be mostly just trying to find sources that are reliable and credible instead of sources like Wikipedia. To receive the reliable sources I am looking for, I will use the help of Cara. I am hoping she will take time out of her day to help me come up with a couple of sources I can use. To finish my paper, I will also use the help of the Writing Center to make sure my paper has flow and makes sense all the way through. From the teacher, I will want help to complete my final paper. Jenn can do this by giving me feedback if I turn in a rough draft to her. The feedback I would look for would be dealing with any requirements I missed in my paper or any thoughts I can add to my paper to make it better. Even feedback dealing with thoughts I can delete out of my paper will be helpful.

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