The World Is A Place Full Of Stunning Things Essay

The World Is A Place Full Of Stunning Things Essay

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The world is a place full of stunning things, such as the views, the wide variety of creatures both big and small, the knowledge that is here, and the art that has been created throughout time. It should be up to a person on how they are viewing all these wonderful views and places and things, but no one should want to miss out on that. To do so would be discourteous to the existence of other living things, or art forms, or even something as simple yet complex as a body of water. It seems necessary to say that some ways of living are not encouraging to human progression. However, I am not persuaded that there is one right way to live. Jean-Paul Sartre states, “Man is that which he makes of himself and that he has to make his own choices in a state of anguish. Man chooses in anguish, because he has no external guidelines to help him and must rely on his own morals and beliefs. Man chooses completely want he wants to do. His existence depends on this.” To suggest that there is a specific way to live life expresses not so much stubbornness but as an absence of creativity. The people who are blind to the rest of the things offered by the world provide an answer to the external layer of the question. For example, a man who wakes up at 6am, drives to work drinking his ordinary coffee, listening to the same mind-numbing radio station, then doing the routine duties his boss asks of him, then driving home, heating up a tasteless TV dinner and eating it while watching some uninteresting news channel, then going to bed and making those repetitive actions the only things he does with his entire life. This man is not living, because he has not come to experience what life actually has to offer. He will never understand what is and what is n...

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... because I want to do it. It’s that simple. I do it because it means something to me.
The point of all this is that there are layers to why this is all here. However, there is also a meaning much deeper than anything that we can learn from a book or from another person. There is an internal meaning of the literal reason about what we as humans are doing here on this earth. The idealists, the materialists, and the dualists created the foundation for this meaning. Next, the external reason that we are here creates more of an image of what the actual point is of our day-to-day lives. We have the people that are here to keep things moving, and then there are people that are here to experience the world and the things that are moving and the wonders that make the world such a beautiful place. Perhaps we are far too focused on finding a distinct reason for our existence.

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