World Health Organization Is Not Necessary Essay

World Health Organization Is Not Necessary Essay

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When it comes to pregnancy and delivering a baby, many women chose their medical provider based on friends reviews or proximity of the hospital. Sadly, doctors aren 't usually questioned much because of the trust we all have for doctors. And because we tend to presume that doctors know better than anyone, questioning their practice is not necessary.

While most doctors know what they are doing, but it doesn 't automatically mean that they are good at everything when it comes to delivering a baby.

Did you know, that as of 2014, the C-section rate in the US was 32.2%? This rate is huge, especially when comparing to year 1965 when it was only 4.5%.

[bctt tweet="High rate of C-sections happen not due to medical necessity for it, but because doctors take too much control, sometimes unnecessary control into their hands."]

World Health Organization keeps stressing that an increased rate of C-sections doesn 't provide any benefits for mother and a baby.

If you chose a midwife to be your healthcare provider during pregnancy and delivering a baby, you have some kind of reassurance that natural birthing approach is expected. But when your provider is an OB-GYN, you might want to talk to him more in details to find his own birthing philosophy.

1. What is a doctor 's personal c-section rate?

Although, it may be hard to obtain this information, but knowing the approximate ratio will help you to determine whether a chosen doctor is right for you. Clearly, the lower rate - the better.

I 've met doctors who said c-section is better for a woman. Because during C-section doctors know what to do and in just 20 min the baby is being born. Unlike when woman delivering a baby naturally, doctors can 't control the situation much and that 's what s...

... middle of paper ...

...lier or sending for C-section to speed things up. It is especially true before major holidays. If your due date happens to be on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, it is less likely that a doctor will spend this time in the hospital.

Make sure to ask your OB-GYN/midwife this question, especially if you 're due on holidays.

If you 're planning a natural birth, here 's a Birth Plan that I used to deliver my daughter. You can print it out and talk it over with your OB-GYN/midwife.

When a women 's role in delivering a baby is diminished, it opens up a window to a whole lot of intervention which might lead to serious complications. Therefore it is very important to take a careful and informed approach in choosing your healthcare provider during pregnancy and birth.

What do you think are the other questions that need to be addressed before delivering a baby?

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