Essay about The World Have Religion, Art And Culture

Essay about The World Have Religion, Art And Culture

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In the world have religion, art and culture in different cultures around the world each that defines us on who we are and why we do it. Like in art there are people who are artists and like to inspire themselves so that they can create the most wonderful art they can. Most of the artists use their emotions when they create art so that they can a wonderful meaning to it in the picture. They also portray a message in their painting so it leaves the person thinking what is the painting trying to say. There is also a goddess that became well known through a video and the goddess name is Santoshi Ma. People have been worshiping her more and more and the goddess has taken the temples of previous goddesses. There is also calligraphy which people think of it as the modern graffiti in India. The way on both calligraphy and graffiti have similar ways of being viewed by people they think they almost look the same. All of this has been something that has taught me in learning how to view things in a more observing way which helps see every detail of something which lets me learn it true message.
Artists have been creating art for years and have been admired for the wonderful art that they create. Artists though have technics to get inspired so that they can create art because inspiration is one of the important things that an artist needs in order to create art. Like emotion it’s one of the things an artist uses to get inspired so that they can create art. The reason they use emotion because it depends on how the artists feel which transfers that emotion into the painting. For example if they felt like anger they would create a painting that gives this feeling of anger to the painting, or sadness which gives the painting this feeling of sadne...

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... the end these are the ones that stick more to me because I thought they were interesting out of all the other things. Like how artists use emotion as an inspiration to create art so that they can give the painting some emotion into it. How Santoshi Ma became a well-known goddess throughout India and it all started through a movie dedicated to her. Also how calligraphy has this similarity with graffiti on how the word pop outs more than the whole picture. Lastly the artist portrays messages through their art work so that they can give special meanings to the person who is viewing that art. We should all take our time to admire the wonderful things around us and maybe we might find a new piece of art that has not been noticed yet. Maybe we might be able to find ourselves some inspiration to create some art and leave a message for the person to think about.

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