Essay about World Crisis: Safe Drinking Water in Africa

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World Crisis: Safe Drinking Water in Africa

Imagine walking over five miles each and every day in order to get water for you and your family, all while not being sure if the water you bring home is 100% safe enough to drink. This is an inevitable decision and problem that the people of Africa face every single day. Their lack of access to safe drinking water causes sickness and death, with victims of this crisis being mainly children. Unfortunately “85% of all diseases in African children under 5 are caused by water-borne illnesses” (WCA). As time has progressed new inventions and technological advances have allowed some villages to obtain drinkable water. Technological inventions like the Solarball and UV water disinfection are key components that may become a solution to Africa’s water crisis, increasing the possibility of having safe drinking water for its population.
Natural processes and human actions affect water quality; the inventions that contain these factors to an extent will help solve this problem. Natural water quality varies from place to place, depending on the seasons, and climatic changes. “A variety of human activities such as agricultural activities and industrial development significantly affects the quality of natural waters, and in turn changes the different purposes the water can be used for” (Dwaf). The solution to water sources that are safe, for the people of Africa, is to make certain that those sources are prime for their suggested uses. Water quality management involves the constant measuring and testing of the water, by “achieving stability between economic development and the protection of the environment.” (Dwaf). From a constricted perspective “the "business" of water quality management i...

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