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Working At The Local Bank Essay

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It was an ordinary Monday morning, when I went back to work after a relaxing weekend. I worked as a teller at the local bank, located in a quiet area, where almost all residents know each other by name. The branch is very small and there are only four of us on a regular work schedule; we all get along pretty well, everyone is happy to see each other and share some weekend news. Our regular private and business clients start coming in to get help with their transactions; at the same time they are talking, making jokes and laughing. I am organizing my papers, checking work e-mail and speaking to the girls. My supervisor, Kristen, is telling us about weekend dinner with her mom; our branch banker, Ashley, is talking about her son, who refuses to potty-train and my friend Maggie is just laughing.
Here is one of the clients, pulling up to the drive through and I go to help him out. While opening a computer program in order to process a transaction and replying to his question: “How was your weekend?” I hear someone behind my back saying: “You know what it is, hurry up and get all your money!” After turning around I see a person wearing a mask and holding a gun. A shock goes through my whole body, heart starts beating so fast as it is about to jump out of my chest, blood rushes down to my feet and my mind gets completely overwhelmed with too many thoughts. I cannot believe what I see! Is it really happening? What should I do? Am I going to die? Horrified, I quickly turn around and look at my client, who nods his head and pulling away. Everything is happening in a slow motion, it feels like the robber was here all morning and not planning on leaving. I look at him and he swings the gun at me, shouting: “What are you doing there? Ev...

... middle of paper ... by my husband.
Besides using the alarm system, I use extra precautions, such as locking the doors in my car as soon as getting inside, paying attention to my surroundings and people. Despite the fact that it was a very frightening experience for me, I am glad to learn something from it; it helped me to become more careful and observing and also look at such events in a different way. Before this day for me it could be just regular news from a TV reporter, where robbery has occurred and everyone is doing fine. Now I realize that victims most likely are not fine; even though they physically did not get hurt, they might be suffering from psychological distress, which is affecting not only them, but also their friends, families and coworkers. Now I would react differently to the news like that, and if it is possible will stop by to support the victims.

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