Working And Studying At The Same Time Essay

Working And Studying At The Same Time Essay

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As much as working is very demanding especially as a nurse so is studying also. There are so many challenges which are involved in working and studying at the same time, some of which are: Goal, Finances, Stress, Time Management and Socialization. These challenges have both positive and negative effects on working and studying. As a matter of fact, it takes one determination and commitment to be able to combine the two at the same time and still be able to achieve ones aim.
Mostly the goal of working is to be able to live a good life, be independent and to also enable you to live a better life. Another purpose of working is to be able to take care of your needs and your family. Nursing is a very good profession so studying to become a nurse is a good goal as this will make one become a professional and more respected in the community. There is going to be job security as nurses are always in high demands in the hospitals, homes, schools and offices, so there will always be job opportunity. Studying also to become a nurse helps broaden your horizon, to be knowledgeably infor...

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