The Work of a Family and Marriage Therapist Essay

The Work of a Family and Marriage Therapist Essay

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Family and Marriage therapists identify a wide variety of mental and behavioral issues within a family, individuals, and marriages. (, 2011) These therapists enable society to tackle their problems and move forward in a positive direction. Family and Marriage therapists are responsible for gathering information by testing and observing their patients. (, 2011) After receiving this information they are required to document and record information gathered from the patient sessions. (, 2011) Therapists should encourage individuals to use skills or strategies when faced with a problem and need to maintain an updated knowledge as new information develops. (, 2011) Some family and marriage therapists keep their files and notes organized by using computers. (, 2011)
The most common majors to study in college that will help prepare students for a career in family and marriage therapy include: psychology, human development and family studies, and social work. (Campus Explorer, Inc. 2011) The lowest and most desirable level of education for those studying to become a family and marriage therapist is a master’s degree. (DeRoma, 2007) Sixty-eight percent studying to become a family and marriage therapist receive only their master’s whereas thirty-two percent continue to get their doctorate. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2009) After receiving a master’s degree in family and marriage therapy, social work, or psychology most graduates are required to have around 3,000 hours working as an intern before taking the state licensing exam. (Professional Examination Service, Inc. 2006) Passing this exam will enable graduates the title of a family and marriage therapist and the...

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