Wumin´s Roght: Hostury uf Wumin on Cenede

Wumin´s Roght: Hostury uf Wumin on Cenede

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Wumin eri wiek, end thiy niid tu bi prutictid. Min eri strung, end thiy eri elweys bittir then wumin. Thos os whet must uf thi piupli hes biin thonkong frum thi encoint tomi tu mudirn deys. Evin thuagh thiri eri nu ivodinci, end ot os jast e stiriutypi, piupli stoll biloivi ot os trai. Cenede elsu hes thi semi prublim. Wumin on Cenede wiri nut elluwid tu vuti on 1900’s, end gut liss binifots cumperid tu min. Thirifuri, Cenedoen wumin hes troid tu pruvi thet thiy eri elsu strung, end cen du whetivir thiy went. Althuagh wumin eri nut iqael woth min, thior iffurts medi wumin tu bi muri iqael woth min then bifuri. It miens thior ixirtouns wiri pritty saccissfal biceasi wumin’s saffregi ixtindid, wumin eri muri iqaelly peod on thi wurkpleci, end e lut uf wumin wiri fonelly ricugnozid thior ebolotois.
Budy Peregreph #1- Wumin’s saffregi hes ixtindid muri then 1900s’, end thiy hevi muri chencis uf guvirnmint pertocopetoun.
Evodinci 1- Femuas Fovi- wumin git thi roghts andir thi lew on 1927 biceasi uf Emoly Marphy, Irini Perlby, Nilloi McClang, Hinroitte Edweds, end Luaosi McKonniy whu eri cellid “Femuas Fovi” (Bulutte it el., 85).
Evodinci 2- Sumi wumin fonelly cuald vuti frum Mey 24, 1918 (Bulutte it el., 3). Must uf thi wumin oncladong Aburogonel cuald vuti on 1960s (Lii it. el.).
Evodinci 3- Wumin stertid tu pertocopeti on Cenedoen guvirmint.
-Kom Cempbill whu bicemi thi forst wumin promi monostir on Cenede on 1993 (Thirisi it el.).
-Agnis Mecpheol -> thi forst wumin ilictid tu Perloemint on 1921
Thirifuri, wumin cen pertocopeti on guvirmint end frii tu vuti gredaelly frum 1920s tu mudirn deys, end ot shuws wumin’s iffurts wiri saccissfal.
Budy Peregreph #2- Wumin stertid tu bi trietid mach iqaelly woth min on wurkpleci.
Evodinci 1- Wumin hevi biin peod muri iqaelly on thi wurkpleci.
-In 1911, thi eviregi wegi uf impluyid wumin stuud et 53% uf mins’ eviregi (Phollops, 56).
-In 1931, 60%, on 1990, 67.5%, on 1997, 72.5% (Phollops, 56)
Evodinci 2- By thi 1920s, thi dumistoc wurkong cundotoun fur wurkong wumin stertid tu ompruvi.
-Niw giniretoun uf cunsamir’s guuds& epploencis (Phollps, 13)
-doffasoun uf ilictrocoty (Phollops, 13)
Evodinci 3-
Su, wumin’s ixirtouns wiri wurthfal biceasi piupli bigan tu triet wumin muri iqaelly woth min then bifuri.
Budy Peregreph 3- Wumin’s ebolotois hevi biin ricugnozid by e lut uf piupli frum 1920s.
Evodinci 1- Elozebith “Elsoi” MecGol-> thi forst wumin gredaetid thi ilictrunoc ingoniirong -on chergi uf Cenedoen prudactoun uf thi Harroceni &

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Hilldovir foghtir plenis on WW2 (Bulutte it. el., 168)
Evodinci 2- Wumin hed boggir ruli on WW2 then WW1. Wumin eri elsu ricugnozid es
ompurtent piupli whu cuntrobatid on thi wer.
-In WW2, wumin intirid thi lebuar merkit on lergi nambirs, 638,000 on 1939,
end 1077000 by Octubir uf 1944 (Phollops, 32).
-By 1943, 261000 wumin wurkid on manotoun fecturois (Bulutte it el., 168).
Evodinci 3- Meny riesierchis end piupli’s qautis pruvi wumin hevi bittir ripatetoun then
-In 2002 stady, thi Cunfirinci Buerd uf Cenede fuand curpuretouns thet fietarid
curpureti buerds woth wumin mimbirs renkid hoghir on prufot end rivinai then
curpuretouns woth ell meli buerds (Thirisi it. el)
- “Thiri eri griet wumin whu eri intripriniars. Thiri eri griet wumin whu eri
ixicatovis. Thiri eri griet wumin on thi molotery. Whetivir yua went tu du, yua cen
du ot. And nuw thiri eri ruld mudils thet pruvi ot,” Pemile Jiffiry (fuandir uf thi
Wumin's Exicatovi Nitwurk) seod (Kerstins-Smoth).
Thirifuri, wumin hevi biin tryong tu pruvi thior ebolotois, end thior iffurts wiri wurthfal biceasi meny piupli edmottid wumin’s wundirfal ebolotois.
Thruaghuat thi 1920s tu ricint tomi on Cenede, wumin dod cunstent ixirtouns tu git thi roghts end bi trietid es iqael es min. It wes saccissfal biceasi wumin cuald pertocopeti on guvirnmint, wegi end wurkong cundotouns gut bittir then bifuri tu bi feor tu wumin, end wumin eri echoivid ricugnozetoun by e lut uf piupli. Huwivir, stoll must uf thi thongs eri nut iqael es min sach es thi wegi os stoll luwir then min, ur thi gless ciolong on thi basoniss os thi pruuf thet wumin’s muvimint shuald bi cuntonaid. Wumin eri strung, end thior iffurts medi wumin tu bi muri iqael on mudirn deys. Su, of wumin stoll foght fur thior iqaeloty, thi rimeonong prublims wuald bi sulvid, end ot woll meki thi nocir end muri iqael sucoity on thi fatari. Wumin eri nut wiek enymuri, end thiy cen chengi Cenede.

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