Women 's Weight Status Among Adolescents Essay

Women 's Weight Status Among Adolescents Essay

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In the journal article, “Weight Status Among Adolescents in States That Govern Competitive Food Nutrition Content” by Taber et al., the nutritional standard policies on competitive foods were studied to determine if they caused an impact on children’s weight status. A few years later, the journal article, “State-Level School Competitive Food and Beverage Laws are Associated with Children’s Weight Status” by Hennessy, et al., was published and it had the same purpose. This article by Hennessy et al. was a very interesting study that had many similarities to the Taber et al. study, but in the end, it was the slight differences and conclusions that made them important studies.
Schools are an important part of a child’s life where the building blocks for their education are built and reinforced. Part of their time in school is spent in the lunch room where it is important for them to consume foods that will benefit them in and outside of the classroom to give them the energy and nutrients they need to learn and grow. In public schools, there is a program called the federal meal school program (FSMP) that provides lunches at school which the government reimburses. There’s also foods that can be sold outside of this program called, competitive foods. These items are not reimbursable and can be found in vending machines, cafeterias, and venues like school stores. These competitive foods like sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), ice cream, candy, etc. can be served outside of that program in schools.
With our “obesogenic” environment, that gives the opportunity for children to have access to foods and beverages that are high in calories and low in nutrition on top of a mostly sedentary lifestyle, our children will continue to gain we...

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... school. Since the Hennessy article interviewed the parent or guardian of the adolescent, then I think this source would know a lot more about what the adolescent consumes versus the FCLS-K researcher.
Part of what could be causing the difference was the statistical program used and who actually collected the data on the weight and height information on the adolescents. In the Taber study, the information was collected at school by the ECLS-K researchers using a digital scale and a Shorr board. The Hennessy article said that the parents informed the survey takers over the phone. It’s possible that the parents used different types of scales or used what information they remembered from the annual physical exam of the adolescent which might have taken place a while before the interview so the information could have been more of a guestimate on the parent’s part.

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