Women 's Rights And Suffrage Essay

Women 's Rights And Suffrage Essay

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Gaining woman 's rights and establishing woman suffrage were the obstacles that woman activists of the nineteenth century faced back then. Women 's rights are said to be universal and that means that it concerns all women. Most of the policies and laws in the nineteenth century highlighted the importance of men and their rights. However, women strived and struggled to fight for their rights. There was a similar group of people who fought for their rights who were African Americans. Voting rights and worker recognition was the main focus of women, as well as African Americans. Moreover, women 's rights and abolition often clashed together, but both events worked together as women were supporters of abolition. There were numerous rights that secluded women, but universally women strived to eradicate the prejudices and be considered as equal as men are. Women began in small steps by forming an organization started by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and then used strategic advantages to gain rights for women. This move worked in their favor because they were able to include women 's rights inside the Acts and amendments they helped pass with their support. Hence, women were responsible for the underlying support for abolition and equality rights for blacks, which they saw as an exclusive advantage to advocate woman 's rights and the right to vote in times of reconstruction.
Women rights began with a solid organization that built up over time. It was necessary for them to establish this because without an organization women 's rights would be harder to achieve. In addition, women have been playing a role in American history for centuries, but many of them have gone unrecognized for the achievements they have won. Therefore, it was time for wom...

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...ore, women had to gain the right to vote in order to abolish lynching.
In conclusion, the responsibilities of gaining women 's rights fell upon women only. it would upset him to gain supporters for their cause, as well as create organizations in order to establish this goal. Women used many different tactics in order to persuade others to either join their cause or get their message across about woman suffrage. they then further expanded this ideal to universal suffrage, and grouped together with individuals they may not have agreed with so that they would have the right to vote. However, this goal was deterred by the Civil war and the Reconstruction era which put women under pressure to perform the jobs that men did when they were away at war. Hence, it took women decades to fight for their rights, and its to be recognized for more than just their housewife duties.

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