Women 's Participation During The Civil War Essay

Women 's Participation During The Civil War Essay

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Historically, women’s participation in combat roles was limited or hidden, with the exception of a few individuals. Although women had fought unofficially in the U.S army as far back as the Revolutionary War, which they usually disguised themselves as men in order to avoid the rules that excluded them. The gender war and integration in the military has always faced the question of social acceptance, were as society can accept how women will be treated and respected in the military. Throughout the history of the military, our leadership has always sought ways of how to integrate without upsetting the general public to believing that women are capable and created equal as any man.
Women have always played significant part in the United States military throughout the years, even though in the early years they were not allowed to enlist but still performed certain limited duties that was vital to the military such as mainly nurses and helpers. However, some women did become involved in battles. Anna Marie Lane a Revolutionary war enlisted soldier who took action and fought side to side with her husband John Lane, which she disguised herself as a man and took part in hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield in order to participate. When the Revolutionary war began, John Lane enlisted in the Continental army which he joined numerous campaigns in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Rather his wife stay home and do women duties as in the conception of the division of gender roles in separate spheres, Anna Marie chose to accompany her husband and become known as the “camp follower” (Education Library of Virginia). The man like actions that Anna Marie endorsed was at the Battle of Germantown, near Philadelphia, on 3 October 1777...

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...at women today and of the past years have fought and died for their country; all they enforced was their rights and freedom to defend this great nation with equal opportunity and less discrimination. As of today, with all the chaos and destruction in the world it is more important than ever to allow everyone to “Be All They Can Be”. We’ve seen women in our military forces with their heroism and abilities but a sense of change like our official policy is increasing and influencing that women can qualify for positions and not have limits as for instance Hilary Clinton who hopes to become the first women to win the race for the White House and be praised for it. A women’s life is more dispensable or valuable than a man’s and that no matter what gender, everyone should have equal rights.

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