Women Of The Revolutionary Era Essay

Women Of The Revolutionary Era Essay

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Choose one of the primary documents from DoHistory.org and examine it in relation to what you have read about American women from America’s Women Chapters 1-4 and/or lectures in Blackboard. Embed a link to the source or the source itself and explain what it can tell readers about women of the Revolutionary era. Cite specific examples from the reading or lectures using footnotes.
Man-Midwifery Dissected; or, the Obstetric Family Instructor
A Complete Practice of Midwifery
Maternity was a very important aspect of the lives of many women during the colonial period. Women’s identity was always associated with their fathers first and then to their husbands. The process of bringing live to the world would usually give women the opportunity to carry the intellectual guidance to the children and to the home. Collins states in her book: “Childbearing dominated the lives of early female settlers” .
However, giving birth was a very dangerous process that could ultimately cost the mother’s or the baby’s life. During the colonial period, a midwife was seen as the person with the necessary set of skills to complete this task as safe as possibly. “Midwives were a critical resource in the colonial communities” .

Furthermore, little is mentioned about men-midwife. John Blunt shares in his book referring to men-midwives: “...why is the practice of women, and not of men, recorded?” Although there appears to be no documentation that shows that men did not start practicing the art of midwifery until after the sixteen century. Blunt also makes a reference to difficult pregnancy cases where men-midwives were called in. Blunt states: “….they were feldom called in but on difficult occaffions……efpecially after the forceps were made public, in the ...

... middle of paper ...

...shares in her book: “The housewife’s contribution started to be described in terms of emotional support.”
However, during the war there were many women that disguised themselves as men just to have the opportunity to fight in battle and defend freedom. Collins refer to this as: “….women sometimes took a more aggressive part in the war”

The reason why this is so remarkable is because many of us would expect women to follow their men during battle and serve as cooks, nurses or even carry water to the troops during the battle. Nevertheless, women like Deborah Sampson and Frances Clayton disguised themselves as men just to have the opportunity to defend freedom the same way as many men did. Additionally, they were not only putting their lives on the line, they were also jeopardizing their own safety exposing themselves to the chance of being discovered and punished.

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