Women Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

Women Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Defining the author’s statement “the damage women in commensurately with the level of threat most convicted women present to society. I believe the author is stating women are being damage because of the sentencing women are receiving from the criminal justice system. As the author states women have suffered with gender discrimination within a patriarchal society, putting males as a priority over women within the criminal justice. For example the female population has increased in incarceration rate. The author states women have long been invisible in conventional studies of the criminal justice system and in the literature of the prison. The author is stating women have been invisible within the criminal justice system also the studies are basic for example the study on women in prison don’t look at the women background of childhood, the only think that is looked at is how many time have the female offender have been arrested. According to the author women being imprisoned needs to be investigated closely, I agree with this statement.
Women prisoners are marginalized from conventional institution due to being raise in a household where both parents abuse alcohol and drugs, a household without rules parenting supervision, the neighborhood, these women are from a neighborhood where the crime rate is high, position to sale drugs, a lot of women will sale drugs for their boyfriend or pimp whom will also encourage the female to sale her body for more money. According to the author these are all pathways to prison for women. Barbara Boom states marginalized women are labeled a “triple jeopardy” this is due the women gender position I society, race, and their class which can funnel in prison due to criminal behavior. The criminal jus...

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...tereotype and black women will be required to take urine test, middle class white women are not asked to give an urn drug test. I believe this is not helping anyone with a drug addiction. The focus should be the kids that these women are carrying while doing drugs.
I don’t believe harsh punitive actions such as holding someone in prison so they won’t do drugs while pregnant is not a solution to Brenda Vaughn problem, I don’t believe taking 18 women kids and charging the women with drugs charges is helping the 18women with drug addiction, I don’t believe keeping Jennifer Johnson on probation for fourteen years is not going to make Jennifer’s drug addiction disappear. Most of these women drug addiction is all they know in life and they end up pregnant. These women don’t know how to be a mother to their kids that is why providing rehabilitation for them is important.

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