Wollstonecraft 's View Of Gender Inequality Essay

Wollstonecraft 's View Of Gender Inequality Essay

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Wollstonecraft’s view of gender is that society is to blame for the inequality between men and women. The gender gap is largely due to the societal structure that has a bias towards masculinity. Wollstonecraft asserts that the inequality imposed on women is socially constructed to favor men over women. The society dictates the roles of men and women; however, these roles given men leverage over women. Men are given authority while women are subjected to be merely slaves. Wollstonecraft asserts that men are “treated like demi-gods” (656). The societal structure imposed unfair and unjust rules on women while giving men all the control. Men are given more privileges and more power than women. Society flawed system not only provides men with more power and opportunity, but also provides them more latitude. Women however, are greatly handicapped by the preposterous rules that society imposed upon them. Wollstonecraft affirms that “there are some loopholes out of which a man may creep; but for a woman it is herculean task” (660). Society has provided guidelines that both sexes must follow. However, these rules have proven to be unequal, favoring one gender over the other; thus giving rise to one gender being held superior than the other. Problems arise between men and women largely due to the ill-conceived ideas that society has conditioned them to. The flawed and unjust system that society has created becomes problematic because it creates a cycle that can only be broken when both men and women emancipate themselves from it. The gender gap is largely due to the societal structure has a bias towards men; therefore, society is to blame for the inequality between men and women.

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... from the home; they must break the chain that binds them to the cult of domesticity. Women must shatter society’s preconception of them and move towards building their own image. The cult of domesticity must be erased from society in order for women to become free from the home. Cutter asserts that women must deconstruct the cult of domesticity and develop “the capacity for economic and intellectual freedom from men” (389). Women must become independent from men; they must create their own image of a self-reliant woman. In order for women to achieve this they must deconstruct the cult of domesticity and shatter all society’s preconceived ideas of what a woman must be. Women must develop an awareness of the individual’s right to self-defined choices. Women must still break away from the cult of domesticity; therefore, Wollstonecraft’s view of gender is still relevant.

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