Witches And Witch Witches By Neil Gaiman Essay

Witches And Witch Witches By Neil Gaiman Essay

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“Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft were written by men,” says Neil Gaiman. Throughout the twentieth century, there have been novels, plays, and poems published about the sorcery of witchcraft. From images of witches to witch-hunting and trials, the literature of witchcraft began in early modern Europe and evolved throughout other regions of the world: North America, South Africa, Asia, etc. Witches in these literary works are often categorized as physically horrifying or beautiful figures, tricksters or diabolic, and most importantly, females.
Male witches, however, were able to mask themselves from society. This resulted in many women’s persecution and execution if they were caught committing any act that others assumed to be in connection with the Devil or evil spirts. Regardless of their gender, witches often shared the same characteristics. However, male witches rarely appeared in the literature of early modern times, leaving the question: What makes men so excluded from the accusation of witchcraft? If male witches were publicly known in the literatures of witchcraft, not only would the prosecution and witch-hunting apply to both genders, but it also would change many people’s perspectives on their definition of a witch.
During the early modern Europe period (1500-1700), a statistics percentage of approximately 70% females and 30% males have been accused to witchcraft (Schulte 71). Out of those that have been accused, about 90% females were executed and only 20% males were executed (Schulte 71). Male witches were described not homosexual and didn’t have any feminine characteristics. However, male witches could have the weak mindset of female witches for t...

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... poems being published about the sorceries of witchcraft, many people refer witches towards females than males. Though there are few, known male witches in witchcraft literature, female witches are more suspected for many reasons: some are believed weak-minded to the point where they wouldn’t realize that they have been tricked by the Devil, real men doesn’t perform magic because it’s not a necessity for them, and men are mostly abused or casted upon a spell by female witches in the literary works. Furthermore, it leads to the answer of the question, “What makes men so excluded from the accusation of witchcraft?” The play Doctor Faustus shares many similarities to other literary works of female witchcraft, demonstrating a perfect example of how other male witches should be publicly known in witchcraft literature and how the definition of a witch should really mean. 

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